Selection Criteria

We invite individuals and interdisciplinary teams from all nations to respond to the following themes through temporary works, including performance, installation, multimedia, public/private collaborations, and educational projects.

These themes generally fall into three categories: the past, present, and future of oil, which could include:

historical analysis of our dependence on oil and the larger, underlying topic of the social construction of “nature”;

our current condition at a crossroads between an oil-dependent and post-oil economy, naming the dramatic entanglements within – and due to – our oil-oriented world;

discussion of alternative lifestyles and conditions, thematizing research and scientific results dealing with the far-reaching consequences of ecological changes (climate warming) and demonstration of architectural developments.

Additionally, we encourage realization of creative and alternative educational concepts in order, through education at all levels, to set in motion a fundamental re-thinking.

For questions and ideas regarding specific sites please contact the appropriate team member below.

Karin Bergdolt

Elizabeth Monoian

Ann Rosenthal